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Reopening the Bay Area: Full List of Counties Easing Coronavirus Restrictions – NBC Bay Area

Most Bay Area counties are easing restrictions, but at different degrees. It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening where. So we broke it down for you here. Scroll down to find updates for your county.

But in case you’re unfamiliar with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to reopen the state’s economy in phases, you’ll want to catch up here. You can also view or download the full California’s Pandemic Roadmap report from the governor here.


  • Santa Clara County will join other Bay Area counties in entering Phase 2 of the reopening plan. The new order will take effect Friday, May 22.
  • A core group of Bay Area counties released a joint statement Monday reporting significant progress on COVID-19 and its plan to being the early stages of Phase 2. The counties include Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco and Santa Clara.
  • The North Bay counties of Napa, Solano and Sonoma are already in Phase 2.


May 18 – County officials released a list of business types currently authorized to operate here. You can also view the latest health order issued in the county, which provides further details on what restrictions are being eased as Alameda County moves into Phase. View it here.

May 14 – Health officials say based on the progress of their indicators and barring any big spikes in cases over the next few days, the county anticipates to safely move into “Early Stage 2” activities next week. This would include:

  • curbside retail and associated manufacturing and warehouses;
  • eligible businesses would align with state’s guidance where possible;
  • every organization and business should be working on plans that include physical distancing, training for employees on limiting spread of COVID-19, and disinfection protocols.

For more information, visit Alameda County Public Health Department.

Contra Costa County

May 18 – County officials provided further details on the new health order beginning on Tuesday, May 19. Retail stores in the county may offer curbside sales or other outdoor pickups as long as they follow certain safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, businesses that manufacture retail goods and provide warehouse or logistical support to retail stores to operate, but must limit the number of employees in inclosed areas so workers can comply with social distancing requirements.

May 15 – Officials announced a new order allowing outdoor gatherings during which participants stay in their vehicles and organizers follow revised rules. The new order takes effect May 19. Officials said it also gives new options for religious organizations who have been unable to hold services during the pandemic and for schools planning graduation ceremonies.

May 14 – Contra Costa County’s health officer said if the county continues to make progress and hospitalizations steadily decline, they will consider opening up all retail for curbside pickup plus all associated logistics and manufacturing next week. Officials did not have a timeline at this point.

For more information, visit Contra Costa County Health Services.

Marin County

May 14 – The county announced earlier this week it will move into Phase 2, which means retail will be reopening for curbside pickup. Manufacturing will also resume with restrictions. The county will also examine how “dine-in” will work.

For more information, visit Marin Department of Health and Human Services.

Napa County

May 14 – Retail will be allowed to reopen for curbside pickup and some manufacturing will resume with restrictions. Like other counties heading into Phase 2, Napa will have to figure out how “dine-in” will work in the county.

For more information, visit Napa County’s website.

San Mateo County

May 14 – San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow plans to lift some restrictions, effective Monday, that would be consistent with early Phase 2 guidelines of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Resilience Roadmap. That would effectively allow for retail businesses to operate from the curb and deliver. Manufacturing, logistics and some other businesses will be able to open with some modifications, county officials said.

For more information, visit San Mateo County Health.

San Francisco

May 14 – The city and county has announced it will allow retailers and manufacturers to enter Phase 2 of reopening. View our latest report here. And here’s a look at San Francisco’s guidance for businesses reopening on Monday. Check it here.

For more information, visit San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Santa Clara County

May 18 – Santa Clara County is joining other Bay Area counties in entering Phase 2 of the reopening plan as outlined by the state of California, according to a statement Monday from Supervisor Dave Cortese. A new health order announced by Santa Clara County Public Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody will go into effect May 22.

Under the new order, retailers are allowed to open for curbside and or outdoor pickup, and the supply chain for those retail establishments will also be allowed to reopen. The amended order allows additional outdoor activities to resume, including car parades, outdoor museums, historical sites, and public gardens.

For more information, visit Santa Clara County Public Health.

Solano County

May 14 – Solano County is already in Phase 2 under Gov. Newsom’s multi-phased plan to reopen the state. Retail is already open for curbside pickup or delivery, limited manufacturing is also open, and the county is finalizing its dine-in option plans.

For more information, visit Solano County Public Health.

Sonoma County

May 14 – Sonoma County, like the other North Bay counties, is already in Phase 2. Retail is open for curbside pickup, limited manufacturing is open, and the county is examining what it will do for dine-in services.

The county announced it will be pushing even deeper into the second phase. Car washes and workers who can’t telecommute will be allowed to go back to the office. The county will also allow childcare for nonessential employees.


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