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Designers Sound Off on the Worst Bathroom Colors | Realtor Magazine

Nothing ruins a bathroom like a bad hue, and the gray trend may be one of the worst offenders, designers say.

“Bathrooms tend to be enclosed spaces, so greige-y muddy colors can make the space feel smaller and dingy,” Ariel Okin, an interior designer in New York City, told Apartment Therapy. “Lighter colors like bright crisp whites, powder blues, and spring greens always play really well in a bathroom, as do moodier shades such as inky navy and hunter green.”

A “gold beige” is a color that design consultant Kelly Bernier told Apartment Therapy she avoids as a bathroom color. “It’s not a current color, doesn’t work with any recent tile, and will make your room look dated,” she says. “Greige” is a range of colors combining grey and beige; some tones are warmer and some are cooler.

On the other hand, bright and neutral paints—like blues and whites—work great in bathrooms when paired with textures and color in the finishes, Sara Raak, a lifestyle and product stylist, told Apartment Therapy.


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