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Yard Appeal Is a Priority for Buyers | Realtor Magazine

Home shoppers are increasingly sizing up the yard space of homes they’re considering purchasing. The top outdoor features they’re eyeing include the deck, entertainment space potential, and size of the front yard.

However, the reality that many consumers are facing is that most new homes have less yard space. Having more space for a larger home is one reason. But a fallout from higher costs of lots and rising home prices have also prompted builders to shrink more yards to keep costs lower and build more on one lot.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean Americans don’t love their yard space. Nearly 70% of home buyers say they want a large backyard when looking for the perfect home, according to a new survey from Porch.com, a home remodeling website. Porch.com surveyed more than 980 homeowners about how much value they put into their outdoor space.

In most cases, the desire to have a big yard was less about aesthetics and more about the practical use, the survey found. Seventy-one percent said that having a bigger backyard would help their family spend more time outside, nearly 60% said it would be fun, and 42% said it would help them lead a more active lifestyle.

“Opting for a property with more yard space doesn’t just mean the occasional barbecue or having to keep up with landscaping,” researchers note. “Research suggests spending more time outside can be beneficial to your health, resulting in lower blood pressure, a boost in mental health, and a lower risk of cancer. In one study, participants who spent time walking around trees performed better on a memory test than those in urban environments.”


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A majority of respondents say they want a backyard to relax and enjoy nature and for the entertaining space and extra area for their pets and family to enjoy. Porch.com researchers found that people with pets or children tend to spend more time outside, and those who have access to a backyard average more time outside weekly.


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