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Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color Choice Harks Back to the ’20s | Realtor Magazine

Paint company Sherwin-Williams has announced its pick for 2020 color of the year: a deep navy blue. The firm’s design team predicts the hue will make a bigger splash across home interiors next year, from walls to kitchen cabinets.

PPG, another paint company, also chose a blue hue as its 2020 color of the year, although it’s abrighter cobalt tone called Chinese porcelain.

Sherwin-Williams’ choice, Naval SW 6244, serves as a nod to art deco influences and the “Roaring ’20s,” the company says. The color pairs best with a mix of natural materials and textures, such as marble and mixed metallic. For example, designers say, Naval SW 6244 can go with gold metallic accents that “bring warmth to navy’s boldness” or with shades of green for a “down-to-earth presence.”

“Pair Naval with natural materials, such as warm leather tones, vibrant greenery, and woven fiber rugs, to create a calming oasis in your home,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Furniture and decor can be mixed and layered to build a look as minimalist or maximalist as you like.” The color can serve either as a neutral tone or a bold accent, she notes.

The use of color in interior design is changing, Wadden notes. “It’s not just changing what a space looks like anymore, but how it makes you feel. We’re predicting that the next decade in color is going to be bold. This year, we saw the return of the ‘70s, and next year, we think the vibrant energy and luxurious design of speakeasies will make a comeback. Naval merges the desire for rich, inspiring color with our yearning for relaxation and retreat. In the next 10 years, we’ll continue to move away from the omnipresent neutrals, and design will feel more personal again.”


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