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Benefits of an AC Tune-Up | Home Matters | AHS

With warmer temperatures soon to come, don’t be caught off guard with a broken AC. An AC tune up can extend your system’s life and efficiency, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Benefits of an AC Tuneup

With the holidays over, we’re looking forward to spring – and with it, annual AC tune-ups! It’s important to get your air-conditioning unit tuned up by a professional before the summer season hits, so your home can stay cool and comfortable during the hottest months.

Many American Home Shield® customers may not know that AC tune-ups are an added benefit of their home warranty plan.  So, before you schedule an AC tune-up with another company, call American Home Shield. Customers can begin scheduling their AC tune-ups in March. An AC tune-up can help ease the worry and expenses that can result from a faulty air conditioner.

What Problems Can a Faulty Air Conditioner Cause?

A faulty AC unit can cause all kinds of problems, ranging from tripped circuit breakers to leaky ducts, low air flow, and even environmental pollution from refrigerant leaks. Faulty wiring in an air conditioning unit can create a potential fire hazard, as well as tripping the circuit breaker. Refrigerant leaks not only present an environmental hazard, but can harm your AC’s efficiency and degrade its performance.

Of course, the most obvious problem with a faulty AC is that it fails to cool your house. In some climates, things can get very uncomfortable indeed while you wait for a repairman. Failing to maintain your unit properly increases the chances that your AC will quit working during the hottest weeks of the year, and can cause it to sustain irreparable damage.

How Can an AC Tune-Up Help?

Getting an AC tune-up this spring can catch small problems before they become big ones, potentially lowering your AC repair and maintenance costs. Small problems tend to become bigger, more expensive problems if they’re not dealt with right away. With new AC units costing an average of $5,414 nationally, it pays to make sure your unit lasts as long as possible. Tune-ups can extend the life of your air-conditioning unit while lowering your maintenance costs.

A spring tune-up is a sensible and smart thing to do. AC tune-ups help you keep your home comfortable, allowing your AC to cool your home with efficiency. They can help reduce your utility bill and help provide more control over the temperature inside your home.

When Is the Best Time to Get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

The best time to get an AC tune up is in the early spring, before temperatures climb and you need to start cooling your home for the summer. If you can’t get your AC tuned up in the spring, try to have it done as early in the summer season as possible.

Why Should You Leave AC Tune-Up to the Professionals?

It takes a properly trained professional to perform these tasks competently and correctly:

  • · Check and calibrate thermostats
  • · Test temperature split
  • · Check refrigerant levels and system pressures
  • · Perform amp draw on condenser motor, evaporator motor, and compressor
  • · Rinse condenser coils
  • · Check contactors and condensate lines
  • · Clean or replace (owner supplied) filters
  • · Clean and tighten electrical connections
  • · Test capacitors and check A/C operations
  • · Test safety switches and limit switches

Because air conditioners contain environmentally hazardous refrigerants and have delicate components, it can save you time, money, and headaches to have a professional evaluate your AC for potential problems and perform regular maintenance. With AC tune-ups being an added benefit of your American Home Shield home warranty plan, there’s no reason to risk doing it yourself. Professional service is completed in a timely manner, so you spend your free time doing something you want to do, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your AC while you’re trying to service it.

With spring almost upon us, it’s time to think about scheduling your 2019 AC tune-up. Tuning up your AC unit in the spring, before hot weather sets in, can help prevent future problems with the unit later, so you can stay cool all summer long. If you’re an AHS customer, make sure you’ve created a MyAccount profile so that when the time comes for a tune-up, it’ll be a simpler way to request service


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