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3 Ways to Keep Cool Without AC | Realtor Magazine

Over 100 million Americans are expected to face a massive heat wave this weekend, and it’s always a good idea to remind people living in older housing stock without air conditioning that there are easy ways they can stay cool even during the peak of summer temperatures.

Houselogic recently shared some tips on how to beat the heat:

Say no to sunlight. The first thing to do when temperatures rise is to limit the amount of sunlight into the home. Closing all of your home’s blinds and drapes is an easy and effective fix to stay cool without AC. You can also buy high-reflectivity window film and put it on the home’s east and west-facing windows.

It may be worth it to install awnings on your home. According to Houselogic, awnings will “reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent.” You can also DIY an awning by putting up sheets outside your windows, which may not be aesthetically pleasing but it is effective.

Get that air circulating. When living without air conditioning in the peak of summer heat, fans will be your best friend. An easy quick fix is to buy portable fans of all sizes and place them in the windows at night and wherever you need them the most during the day. You can add to the fun by putting bowls of ice water directly in front of the fan, which will give the blowing air a nice chill.

If you need long-term fan solutions, consider buying ceiling fans or even a whole house fan, which will set you back  $1,000 to $1,600, including the installation. When using a whole house fan, keep in mind you have to keep your windows open.

Turn off appliances. It sounds simple, but it’s true: even powering-down the appliances you’re not using can cut the heat in a home. You’ll also want to refrain from using appliances that generate the most heat during the time of day when its the hottest.


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