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Ways to prep your kitchen before selling your home – Starts at 60

If you’re thinking of listing your home, one area you’ll want to play close attention to is your kitchen. In case you weren’t aware, kitchens sell houses.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to knock it out and replace it. A simple upgrade to your kitchen’s finishes and ensuring that the space available is set out properly could see your home move from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’ quicker than you think.

Here are eight simple ways you can prep your kitchen for sale.

1. Consider the wood look
If your floors need replacing, hardwood is the go-to when it comes to adding value. But hardwood can also be expensive, so the way to get around this is to choose a less expensive flooring that has the wood look like vinyl or tile that can carry a lower price tag.

2. Paint
If your cabinets are looking old or out of date, giving them a lick of paint will ensure they impress a potential buyer. Cabinets are often the first things buyers see in your kitchen, so making sure they are in tip-top shape is important.

Completely replacing your cabinets them might set you back thousands of dollars, so a DIY paint job might be the way to go (and there are lots of options available here). Not confident to do it yourself, a professional will cost you some money so be sure to get quotes and find the best deal.

In terms of colour, consider a simple white. It is a timeless choice with broad appeal and it keeps your kitchen space looking light and airy.

3. Replace your cabinet hardware and tap fittings
These are such a minor upgrade, but it can boost your kitchen’s appeal immensely. Depending on the type of finish you choose, you can get away with this upgrade for less than $1,000. Stainless steel and chrome finishes are incredibly trendy options, but something that complements the style of your kitchen will work best.

4. Solid surfaces
Home buyers want solid and durable kitchen work surfaces. Granite, quartz and Caesarstone are all quality products. Laminate is still a good option, but can look dated so you might want to consider an upgrade. Be prepared to spend a bit more on a solid countertop. Laminate is by far the cheapest with prices as low as $230, but something like granite or marble is roughly $750 per square-metre, while something like Caesarstone could cost you a minimum of $1,500. There are cheaper options like bamboo, glass and stainless steel. Again, choose a style that fits with the rest of your kitchen.

5. Have a decent splashback
If you’re still looking at the same splashback that featured in your kitchen when you first moved in the ’70s, ’80s or ’90s now is the time to upgrade. There are much more stylish and modern options available in splashbacks using mosaic tile or glass, stone and even stainless steel you should consider. Ordinary glass could set you back as little as $300 per square-metre, but if you want something cheaper consider tin panels ($120/sqm), hardboard ($80/sqm) or tiles ($27/sqm).

6. More paint
Running a roller over the walls in your home should be one of the first jobs you consider tackling when looking to sell your home. Kitchen walls need to be presentable too. The recommendation here when it comes to colour is sticking with something neutral, and the lighter the better — especially if you have a small kitchen.

7. Upgrade the lighting
If you want to create an open and inviting space, swap the dim and/or broken bulbs for new ones and if you have pendant lights or lamps, be sure they fit with the style of your kitchen as well as today’s trends.

8. Presentation is everything
All the upgrades and improvements to the finish of your kitchen won’t mean much if your buyer can’t see themselves in the space. You want to keep your kitchen as clean as possible, especially if there is an inspection coming up. Be sure to:

  • Clear counters and remove items you no longer use from the pantry and cupboards
  • Improve your kitchen’s flow by looking at the way tables, chairs and decor are presented. You want it to feel open, not cramped
  • Use fruits and fresh flowers to decorate the area

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