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Tips for Holiday Season House Hunting – SFGate

This time of year typically marks the unofficial time people begin thinking about the holidays. After Halloween, time seems to speed up and before we know it the seasonal frenzy begins. Real estate activity during the holiday season is typically discouraged because of the challenges posed on both sides of a transaction.

For sellers, there is the inconvenience of having to keep the home clean; leaving on a moment’s notice for showings; and limiting holiday entertaining. For buyers, there may be limited access to houses if sellers place showing restrictions due to personal schedules and commitments.

There are other considerations that both sides should keep in mind.

Buyers will find fewer homes on the market, but the homes that are available have motivated
sellers. This may provide a better negotiating climate, and there is less likely to be the type of
competition for homes you see during high season. In turn, sellers will find equally motivated
buyers, and may find that offers and closings move more quickly.

Holiday sellers should table any plans to entertain, have houseguests, or do excessive decorating. Focus on showing off the features of your home that will appeal to a buyer – not your family decorations and holiday traditions.

The good news is, those buying and selling during the holiday season are serious about their real estate agendas. Despite the warnings about the timing, they are committed to getting the transaction done and seasonal notions or other challenges do not deter them.


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