Check Things Carefully Before Declaring a Home Ready for Listing to Sell


You’re Ready to Sell Your House. Really? – Courier Journal: Randall On Real Estate

Why are you considering selling? Is it because you know you’re ready, and can visualize yourself in another house? If not, there may be external reasons. You have to decide if those reasons are valid. If there’s no way around it, I’m sorry. That happens sometimes. People sometimes have to move before they are ready, and it is emotional. But just know that you get to take the most important parts of your home with you, no matter what: your family and the memories you’ve made there. The people living inside are what makes a house a home. As hard as it may be to accept now, you will make new memories at a new location, and will take the memories you made in your current home with you wherever you go.

If your home has been on the market a while, could you be the reason your home hasn’t sold yet? If so, are those reasons emotional ones? Would it actually put you out if it sold? Or would it be a relief, an open avenue to new beginnings? Think back on suggestions your Realtor made before listing, and feedback you have received from showings. The items in feedback may not be important to you, but the buyer pointed them out to their Realtor as reasons why they would not buy your house. Obviously, you can’t do much about the floor plan. But if you get multiple mentions of carpet needing to be replaced, then replacing your carpet may be the only thing holding you back. If it’s a suggestion from your Realtor, why haven’t you done it? For example, most people have to de-personalize their homes in order for them to show well. You want the buyers to be able to picture themselves in the house, not you. Above all, that means taking down pictures. If that is tough for you, you may not be ready. 

You might have even done these things partially, but are not 100% committed. Being ready to sell means being willing to make it work. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, within reason, to sell it? Know that, whatever your answer is, it’s ok. But if you are still emotionally invested and not ready to let go of your home, and you don’t HAVE to move, then maybe it’s not quite time to list it


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