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So your offer for a house in a really cool neighborhood just got accepted. However, the house is a bit old and your real estate agent says that a home inspector may refer you to other inspectors. Now, you’re just all confused.

Just what exactly are the home inspections that a buyer should do? Well, your real estate agent should have the knowledge on the types of home inspections that are generally conducted in your area. But generally, home inspectors look for defects, and if they detect something unusual that is not in the scope of their expertise, they are likely going to suggest for a more specialized inspection.

Here are just some of the types of home inspection that buyers can do according to About Home:

Wood destroying pest

Wood destroying pets are a household in any part of the country, especially in areas with warmer climate. A pest inspection will reveal termites, powder post beetles, and even a dry-rot.


An inspector’s job is to ensure that the chimney is still working well to discharge smoke. Sometimes, older chimneys lack flue liners and the inside brick may have already begun to crumble.


A home inspector could tell the age of an electrical box and whether it still complies with the city code, while an electrician is the right person to tell the best brand to replace it with and the cost of the replacement.

Heating and air conditioning

An HVAC specialist is able to tell why the furnace is malfunctioning as well as how much it will cost to repair it or whether replacement is a far better option.

Lead-based paint

Since 1978, lead-based paint use has been prohibited by the federal government, however, there’s still a possibility of use for homes newer than 1978. You can have a home tested for lead-based paint, and a lead abatement contractor can help with its removal.

Square footage

Public records are human inputs, so if you want to verify a property’s square footage, you can either do it yourself or you can hire an appraiser.


If you want to know whether a home is built on a slab or a raised foundation, hire a home inspector. But, a foundation engineer is the right person to tell if the home is sliding or if the foundation is faulty.

Roof inspection

It is important to get a roof certification especially on an older roof. Get a reputable company that is likely to still be in business if you have a claim for later.


Have the air quality tested if you want to check for mold. There are many different kinds of mold and they could pose health problems even in healthy individuals.