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Hot Home Trend: Contrasting Countertops

Contrasts have been popular in kitchen design in recent years, whether it’s faucets and fixtures or furniture sets. So, it’s not surprising that more homeowners are now mixing and matching their countertops in kitchen renovations, too.

In general, this look is achieved with the main countertops one color and the kitchen island countertop another (e.g. veining granite or quartz for the main and butcher block for the kitchen island).

Kitchen counter
Photo credit: Johnny Greig / Getty Images

When mixing and matching countertops, watch the patterns to avoid clashing styles. Two countertops with busy patterns can be overwhelming and distracting. Instead, renovators often combine a solid countertop with a patterned one to maintain visual balance.

Marble and granite tend to have a lot of pattern and veining, so they’re often paired with a solid quartz or a butcher block. Also, two countertops could be made of the same material but in contrasting colors, like white and black.


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