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Stagers’ Secrets for Making Closets Feel More Spacious | Realtor Magazine

Storage areas in a home can be viewed as a premium, particularly as house hunters have reportedly been looking for additional space since the beginning of the pandemic.

A cluttered closet can make the space look small. Home stagers know the importance of organization and staging a closet to not only show off its storage space but to also improve a home’s appearance.

To make closets feel more spacious, leave the closet floor space open and clear of any items, home stagers say. Leaving the floor space open can make even the most cramped closet feel more spacious. Also, have hangers spaced an inch apart to create an uncluttered look, too, Suzanne O’Donnell, owner of My LA Organizer, told Apartment Therapy.

Home stagers often recommend home sellers follow “the 80/20 rule” when staging closets. “Most of the time, we only use 20 percent of the items in our closets,” Cindy Lin, founder of STAGED4MORE School of Home Staging, told Apartment Therapy. “If you are selling your house, pack up 80 percent of your closet—this way, you can show off the spaciousness.”

Limit any visual noise in the closet, use matching hangers, remove extra hangers, and stow any smaller items in a basket or box, Eve Rusakova, owner of Studio 74, suggested to Apartment Therapy. She also recommends coordinating clothing by color.

“Human brains naturally like order and balance,” Lin adds. “When you group and sort items with similar sizes and by colors, it will put the brain at ease, making the closet more attractive to buyers.”


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