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Where Utility Costs Are Most, Least Expensive | Realtor Magazine

Utility bills can add up, especially in a pandemic that has forced people to spend more time at home. On average, renters are spending between $100 to $150 per month on utilities, whereas homeowners are paying an average of $400 per month, according to Move.org.

Home shoppers would be wise to inquire about the average utility costs of homes they’re looking at to help avoid sticker shock when they get their first bill. Move.org provides the following breakdown of national averages on monthly utility costs in the U.S.

  • Electricity: $110.76
  • Natural gas: $72.10
  • Water: $70.39
  • Cable TV: $85
  • Internet: $60
  • Trash/recycling: $14
  • Total cost: $398.24

Meanwhile, the following states have the most expensive utilities:

1. Hawaii: $587.79/month

2. Florida: $459.40

3. South Carolina: $450.51

4. Alabama: $448.73

5. Georgia: $441.10

On the other hand, these states are seeing some of the least expensive utility costs:

1. New Mexico: $344.55/month

2. Utah: $345.03

3. Colorado: $348.43

4. Montana: $352.74

5. Idaho: $357.53


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