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7 Summer Trends for Creating Cozier Backyards | Realtor Magazine

Homeowners and buyers are placing greater emphasis on yard appeal this year. Google Trends data reveals frequent internet searches for how to enhance outdoor space. Living Spaces, a home décor retailer, recently highlighted several outdoor trends that consumers are searching for the most on Google this summer. Here are some of the hottest.

1. Patio daybedssaw a 257% increase in Google searches over the last six months. “Patio daybeds completely fit in with the ‘indoors out’ theme of 2020, so it’s no wonder they’re on the rise,” Living Spaces notes. “Simplicity is key here to create a calm outdoor space. There’s no need for a large coffee table; an end table or small pouf works just fine.”

2. Searches for small-space outdoor furnitureare up 243% on Google over the last six months. “Years ago, the average homeowner would have overlooked a small-space patio or backyard,” Living Space notes. “Now people are doing double-takes.” Homeowners are incorporating rounded furnishings, which can soften and open up spaces. Round tables and stools as well as curved sofas for the outdoors are becoming popular.

3. Backyard bars have seen a 192% increase in Google searches over the past six months whileoutdoor kitchenssaw a 106% increase. “Think of your backyard as you would your indoor space, starting with a floor plan,” Living Spaces notes. “Arrange groups of seating, focal points, serving stations, and walkways for a trendy feel.”

4. Brighter colors are livening up outdoor spaces. Google Trends data shows that “lemon yellow” searches are up by 103% over the past six months, and coral is up by 50%. “In with bright colors, out with boring neutrals,” Living Spaces notes. “Spending more time in our homes and backyards means embracing more of our style personalities. What better way to do that than splashes of fun, playful, energizing color?”

5. Searches for outdoor tileshave jumped 174%. “Outdoor tiles are just another example of how consumers are choosing to ‘bring the indoors out’ to rethink and take hold of their outdoor spaces,” Living Spaces notes. “Tiles are also incredibly coastal chic.”

6. Planters and gardenshave become more popular and are being done in even the tightest of spaces, including a vertical wall of planters or containers. “If you’re trying to save space, think vertical,” Living Spaces notes. “Stack planters along shelves or window ledges. Hanging planters are also popular right now.” Searches for planters are up 172% in the last six months, with “planter walls” up 156%.

7. Fire pitsnever went out of style. “With so many of us spending time at home, fire pits are becoming more popular than ever,” Living Spaces reports. “As summer comes upon us, people are naturally drifting toward outdoor spaces. Slowing down, enjoying conversation, and life’s moments are a few of the life lessons we’ve all had to learn over the past few months.” Fire pits, therefore, are more than décor. Searches for fire pits are up 148% over the last six months, according to Google Trends.


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