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How to Keep Your Phone, Laptop and Car Germ-Free | Realtor Magazine

Cell phones and other everyday objects could potentially carry the coronavirus. Washing your hands and disinfecting areas frequently touched are the best strategies for stopping the spread of germs, according to the CDC.

For real estate pros, that also likely means paying careful attention to your laptop, car, and keys (particularly your clients’ keys). Homesnap, a real estate search portal, recently spoke with medical expert Amanda Nemecz to learn the most important strategies for keeping your tech and everyday objects clean.

“Soap and water are one of the most effective weapons in keeping germs and viruses at bay,” Nemecz told Homesnap. “We advise people not to share screens and devices, and to wipe down frequently used items with soap or antibacterial cleaners, especially if others have been in contact with them.”

Homesnap also offers these tips for keeping common objects and surfaces clean daily:

Smartphones: Your smartphone should be disinfected two times per day. To effectively kill a virus or germs on your phone, use a disinfectant solution of at least 55% isopropyl alcohol. “Apple and Google have both confirmed that it is OK to use wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and it will not damage the phone,” Homesnap notes.

Laptops: Similar to your smartphone, wipe your laptop down two times per day with an antibacterial alcohol wipe (Clorox, Lysol, etc.) of at least 55% isopropyl alcohol, Homesnap advises. To clean the keyboard, lightly dampen a Q-Tip to get in between the keys.

Cars: The main areas to focus on cleaning in a car include door handles, the steering wheel, the shifter, seat belt buckles, and radio controls. You should quickly wipe down these frequently touched surfaces every time you return to your car after being in public. You can do this easily with disinfectant wipes or even soap and water. “Soap and water remains one of the most highly effective solutions to fight viruses and germs regardless if it has antibacterial properties or not,” Homesnap reports.

Keys: Car and house keys should be cleaned with soap and water (for non-electronic keys) or antibacterial wipes once per day. Keep your keys in your pocket or bag when out in public. Similar to washing your hands, wiping down the surface for at least 20 seconds allows the soap time to fully break down the virus or germs.


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