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3 Trends Designers Want to Leave in the 2010s | Realtor Magazine

Paint firm Sherwin Williams surveyed 700 professional interior designers to learn the three major trends that they want to leave in the last decade. Here are the trends they said they’re most tired of:


The boho trend of last year is fading fast, and one of the signatures of the look–macramé—is quickly losing fans. Twenty-two percent of designers chose macramé as their least favorite design trend in the last decade.

All-gray interiors

Nineteen percent of designers surveyed called all-gray interiors one of the worst trends of the past decade. Gray is beingpushed aside as the reigning neutral. White interiors have slightly more fans: For comparison, only 12% of designers called all-white interiors a fading trend.


Thirteen percent of designers said this wood wall treatment is another trend they hope stays in the 2010s. Shiplap had become a signature of the modern farmhouse style, but now designers are calling it overdone.

The Sherwin Williams survey also showed these other trends were among the ones that designers say they’re growing tired of: tribal prints (11%), concrete countertops and accents (6%), and accent walls (4%).


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