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Just How Good Are Homeowners’ DIY Skills? | Realtor Magazine

Many homeowners like to attempt a household task themselves before calling in professionals. The most common household project they are willing to do themselves is assemble furniture, according to a new survey of nearly 1,000 Americans conducted by home services firm HireAHelper. Homeowners also show a willingness to take on bathroom projects, such as unclogging a toilet, replacing a showerhead, and caulking a bathtub, according to the survey.


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Respondents were more inclined to say they’d call in a professional to fix electrical problems. Homeowners appear to be most intimidated by ceiling fan installations: Only 40% say they’d do it themselves. Younger respondents seemed the most intimidated by tackling household projects themselves. A third of Gen Zers say they have never unclogged a toilet, and a quarter say they’d rather call a professional to handle the task.


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