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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Lighting | Realtor Magazine

The lights are the jewelry of a space. Swap out light fixtures to instantly update the style of a kitchen, designers say. Houzz recently featured an article offering tips on how to choose kitchen lighting. Among its insights:

Layer the lights.“Light layering involves creating different shades of light, playing with shadows and using colors to highlight a room’s best features,” interior design writer Georgia Madden notes. “In the kitchen, it generally incorporates task lighting for food prep and cooking, ambient lighting for general illumination and character, and accent lighting to highlight specific features such as a gorgeous backsplash or a piece of art.”

Check the proportions.Size is important when choosing lighting. “Too large and the fixture will overwhelm a small kitchen,” Madden writes. “Too small and it may get lost in a large space.” Hang pendant lights at the right height so that people don’t bump their heads on them. Madden notes that the ideal height is usually about 32 inches above a table or counter.

Use an accent light.An accent light can draw focus to a home feature, such as a backsplash or kitchen island. For example, strip lighting under cabinets can highlight the countertops or backsplash. Accent lighting tucked inside glass cabinets or on open shelving can put the focus on dish displays.


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