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Fall Landscaping Trends: Jewel Tones, Cozy Vibes | Realtor Magazine

A newer color palette with jewel tones is taking hold in landscaping, and it’s among the hotter trends for this fall, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Seventy-seven percent of Americans report relaxing in their yards at least once a month, according to a survey from Engine’s Caravan, conducted on behalf of the NALP. Carving out an inviting outdoor space is becoming increasingly important for homeowners.

The NALP recently released a list of its top outdoor fall staples for the coming season, including:

Jewel tones: The classic fall colors of orange, yellow, and red are getting competition from a newer palette this year with jewel tones, the NALP notes. “Sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, and citrine yellow all bring warmth to fall landscape design,” the NALP notes. Landscapers recommend adding jewel tones to outdoor spaces through unique container gardens, decorative furnishings, and accessories. Also, seasonal plantings like pansies, celosia, dianthus, and black-eyed Susan also draw from the trendy hues.

Cozy outdoor living: Create an inviting outdoor spacethat you can still enjoy in the fall. Fire features continue to remain popular, whether one-touch natural gas, propane ignition, or traditional wood-burning options. Also, pergolas are gaining popularity, along with retractable canopies and heating systems that can extend their use in colder climates. “Signature features, like fire features and pergolas, complemented by comfortable seating and attractive and aromatic plantings and jewel tones, will bring resort-like comfort to homes,” the NALP notes.


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