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20M Owners Could Lower Mortgage Payments by Refinancing | Realtor Magazine

Mortgage rates are hovering near three-year lows, and more homeowners may want to start taking advantage. Up to 20 million homeowners could “theoretically” see a 75-point drop in mortgage rates by refinancing, according to a recent analysis from Black Knight.

For homeowners with a credit score of at least 720 and with 20% of equity in their property, they could see savings of nearly $270 per month from lower rates.

“Millions of homeowners could save money by refinancing,” Holden Lewis, home expert for NerdWallet, told Forbes.com. “That includes most people who bought homes in 2018. Seriously, even if you bought your home last year, you could save money by refinancing right now.”

Homeowners are starting to respond to lower rates. Refinances are at the highest point since mid-2016 and have doubled since late July. Refinances are up 37% over the past week alone, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.6% last week, according to Freddie Mac.


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