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4 Maintenance Chores To Keep In Mind Regularly | Realtor Magazine

Homeowners who fail to perform certain maintenance tasks in a timely manner may face hefty repair bills in the future. Professional home inspectors shared with Apartment Therapy some of the most important home maintenance chores that owners should be doing.

  1. Clean your gutters. Be sure to check and clean gutters throughout the year to remove any debris. “Once debris is carefully removed, any dirt or grime should be thoroughly cleaned and cleared; any missing caulk replaced; and holes, cracks, or loose areas repaired,” Benjamin Martin, a home inspector and president of Florida Certified Home Inspections, told Apartment Therapy.
  2. Check the HVAC system. Change filters out once a month. If any condensation is gathering on the outdoor AC unit, flush the condensate drain with soapy, hot water and vinegar, experts say. Hire an HVAC professional for semi-annual maintenance to keep it operating correctly and potentially stave off an expensive replacement.
  3. Flush out any plumbing clogs. Even seemingly small clogs can become more problematic if not taken care of right away. Regularly remove any grime or hair buildup in the shower; remove any gunk that accumulates near a toilet valve; and replace worn flappers (the rubber seal inside the tank), Martin says. Check underneath the sinks and inside the cabinets to make sure there are no water spouts from a leak.
  4. Address insect problems. Don’t let bug problems escalate, warns Kathleen Kuhn, CEO and president of HouseMaster Home Inspections. Termites can cause extensive damage; carpenter ants can damage the wood where they nest; and powder post beetles can create hollowed out spaces in your wood. Also, watch out for supersized bee hives. Call in a professional to get the home’s yard sprayed.

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