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Spring Home Design Trends Are Getting Warmer | Realtor Magazine

Home interiors are softening up with lighter neutrals and more casually designed modern spaces, according to PulteGroup’s in-house team of interior designers that furnish model homes nationwide.


“Much like a change to spring weather, warm natural elements are brightening up homes this season, in combination with a clean, modern approach that does not sacrifice comfort,” says Angela Nuessle, national director of interior design for PulteGroup. “Color is also playing a big role in design as we see a shift from cool-toned gray palettes to light, brown-based tones. Layering these warm neutrals and combining them with vibrant accents will be key to making homes fresh and stylish for spring.”

PulteGroup highlights several interior fads:

Spring home design trends

Light wood tones: “Lighter wood grains can be dressed up for a classic upscale feel or down for a more comfortable and casual look. Incorporating these elements through cabinetry, flooring, and furniture selections is easy and trend forward,” PulteGroup notes.

Natural materials:Raw materials are gaining popularity, inspired by soft, organic shapes that are shown in furnishings, home accents, and artwork. This trend strays from the hard, geometric designs that have dominated over the last few years. For example, natural stone featured in coffee tables, sculptures, and lighting are adding a unique visual interest to furniture pieces or home accents. Also, faux animal hide rugs and textiles are adding subdued texture and visual interest to spaces.

Casually modern aesthetic:Design is straying from being too “matchy-matchy,” and instead has a more eclectic vibe that infuses multiple design styles. “Interiors are streamlined and uncluttered, but do not sacrifice comfort and livability,” PulteGroup notes.

Color trends

Layered neutrals with some colorful accents are among the top home design trends for the season, PulteGroup notes. The PulteGroup designers offer their take on the trending colors for 2019:

Taupe: Transitioning from the popularity of gray palettes, home designs are now warming up their interiors with more brown-based tones.

Warm whites: Soft whites are brightening up space while also adding “a touch of warmth and yield a multidimensional ability,” PulteGroup designers say.

Variations of green: Green is popping up in more interiors in a multitude of shades. “Green serves as a warm grounding neutral, with added complexity, that makes for a versatile and serene look,” the designers note.

Blue: Blue has proven itself as a popular accent color over the last few years, but now it’s being added more as a neutral color within design. Blue can blend in with other colors and is popping up on everything from home accessories to kitchen cabinetry.

Onyx elements: More home interiors are welcoming bolder, darker colors. “Onyx can be styled as bold or casual to bring high contrast and an elevated elegance to any space in the home,” PulteGroup designers note. “The color remains a timeless and beautiful go-to that will make a big wave in design this season.”


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