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5 Home Design Trends to Watch in 2019 | Realtor Magazine

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National homebuilder Taylor Morrison has its eye on pastels, unique finishes, and floral touches in the upcoming new year. The builder says it will be incorporating some of the freshly spotted hottest home design trends into its model homes that are set to debut in 2019.

Some of those home design trends that it expects to make a splash with home buyers in the new year are:


pastel dining room

© Taylor Morrison

1. Pastels and jewel tones: Baby blues, mint greens, and blushing pinks will gain popularity in 2019, according to the homebuilder. “We’re calling these the ‘ice cream cone’ colors,” says Lee Crowder, design gallery and model home branding manager for Taylor Morrison and Darling Homes in Houston and Dallas. “But if pastels aren’t for you, bold jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are another popular option for the new year.”

2. Monochromatic schemes: The builder also picks high-contrast, monochromatic designs as a go-to trend for 2019, particularly in the kitchen. “Pairing dark finishes with stark white or gray cabinets will be a very popular look in the new year,” says Brittany Wightman, a Taylor Morrison design consultant in Charlotte, N.C.

3. Florals: “We’re seeing tons of floral patterns inspired by [fashion] runway looks,” Crowder says. “Florals are a top trend in the fashion world right now, so it makes sense that floral wallpaper is making a comeback.”


© Taylor Morrison

4. New finishes: Hardware finishes like black, rose gold, and brass are gaining popularity, according to the builder. “Black is a really important color for 2019, and you’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere—from countertops to hardware and faucets,” Crowder says.

5. Healthy homes: Healthy lifestyles that are also reflected throughout the home’s design is also trending, Crowder says. “While there are a lot of different ways to achieve this look, one must-have is an abundance of plants,” Crowder says. “Bringing touches from the outdoors inside is not only an aesthetic choice, but real plants also provide the benefit of filtering the harmful chemicals out of your home.” Crowder also suggests swapping out hardwood for dust-collecting carpet and switching out high-gloss paint for flat finishes (since there are fewer chemicals in them).



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