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Why Kitchen and Bath Remodels Could Take Longer | Realtor Magazine

A labor shortage of remodelers is prolonging or delaying kitchen and bath projects, according to a new report released by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. The labor shortage could also lead to higher project costs.

NKBA members cite delays on 30 percent of jobs due to a shortage of contractors, according to the report. Installers, carpenters, and kitchen and bath designers are among the toughest jobs to fill.

“The shortage of tradespeople will continue to have a significant impact on the United States’ macro economy, and we are concerned with how this shortage is impacting the kitchen and bath industry,” says Bill Darcy, CEO of the NKBA. “We will work with the industry and similar trade associations to focus on attracting strong next-generation talent to take on these important jobs that fuel the economy.”

NKBA members say the shortages are likely due to the limited number of younger workers coming into the industry. They recommend raising awareness about the benefits of a trades career, such as the income, steadiness of work, and the flexible work schedule, when trying to attract new talent.


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