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4 Costly (and Dangerous) Pool Care Mistakes | Realtor Magazine

A pool can be a selling point for a home, but proper care is key. Some homeowners could be going about their pool maintenance all wrong, which could result in costly leaks or even skin irritations to those who jump in. An article at realtor.com® recently highlighted some common slip-ups, including:

Using the wrong chemicals
Mixing the wrong chemical balance can cause eye and skin irritation and deteriorate the materials in the pool, which can lead to leaks. “The biggest mistake that pool owners make is not putting in the proper chemicals,” Craig Cohen, president of Treasure Pools & Service in West Palm Beach, Fla., told realtor.com®. Experts urge owners to take a sample of their pool water to a local pool store—even on a monthly basis—for an analysis to determine which chemicals they’ll need to adjust.

Failing to clean the filters
Cohen suggests cleaning the filter once a month. He also recommends having two filters so the pool never goes without a clean one.

Only servicing the pool when it’s hot
A pool will likely need year-round service. A professional checkup in the spring, for example, will inspect the pool for pipe damage and tears in the pool liner to ensure there was no damage from the colder winter months. In the fall, owners will likely want to have their pool winterized, which means ensuring all the water has been removed from the pipes to avoid a breakage if the water freezes.

Not putting up a fence
Fences around a pool can be important to keep animals out of the water. Note that fences are likely mandated by the state. This can vary dependent on the area, but many local governments require a 4-foot fence around the pool.


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