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3 Smart Strategies for Investors | Realtor Magazine

Investors can see big returns on real estate, but the most successful tend to have a strong understanding of how to evaluate their options before purchasing. Forbes.com recently highlighted some winning strategies for profitable real estate investing:

  1. Focus on potential income, not personal like and dislikes. Purchasing an investment property is different than buying residential real estate. Investments need to center on the numbers—the combination of the purchase price, estimated renovation costs, expected rental income, and market conditions that can support a purchase decision.
  2. Don’t buy on future appreciation. You can’t trust that rents and home values in your area will always increase over time. Buy based on current returns, not what you think the future may hold, according to Forbes.com. The best deals are those that can make you money from day one—and where long-term appreciation just happens to be an added bonus.
  3. Set aside extra funds. Several smaller ongoing operating expenses will be inevitable. Investors will want to budget for those, as well as possible bigger items, such as a new roof or HVAC unit. These projects can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Set money aside on a regular basis to cover these expenses as they arise. Also, investors will want to put aside extra money in case there are any vacancies in their rentals.

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