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Homeowners: Why We Want a Smaller House | Realtor Magazine

Some home buyers are drawn to the smallest home on the block. A new survey by Houzz, a home remodeling and design website, sought to find out why these homeowners prefer residences that are often 1,000 square feet or less.

Homeowners of small homes say relaxing and keeping the space clean is “easy” in a small home, according to the survey, which was based on 216 respondents who say they live in a small home.

Homeowners also say there are many layout and decor options to utilize to make your home not feel so small. The most popular characteristics of small home interiors are lots of natural light and easy access to the outdoors, according to respondents.

The outdoor space is important—thirty percent of respondents said they renovate outdoor space to extend the size of their living area.

Also, 26 percent say they created an open floor plan in their small home to maximize the space within it.

However, the most difficult aspects of owning a small home, according to respondents, are having enough storage, hosting visitors, and having enough space for crafts and cooking projects.



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