5 Current Trends That Wont Exist In Different Market Conditions | #HotMarketTrends #TalkToYourAgent #SiliconValleyAgent #YajneshRai


5 Trends the Housing Market Will Regret | Realtor Magazine

Home buyers say tight inventory and rising home prices are causing several negative trends in the housing market. According to ValueInsured’s latest Modern Homebuyer Survey, a quarterly report based on more than 1,000 responses, buyers say the following trends will leave the housing market in a weaker position:

  1. The “no inspection” trend: 58 percent 
  2. The offer sight unseen” trend: 57 percent 
  3. The co-buying with strangers” trend: 54 percent 
  4. The cashing out from retirement savings” trend: 37 percent 
  5. The tiny home” trend: 36 percent

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