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Kitchen Updates That Don’t Require a Remodel | Realtor Magazine

You can do these upgrades without major remodel work!!!!

  • Install under-cabinet lighting. This simple project is low in cost and leaves a big impact, giving the whole kitchen a beautiful glow. Try LED rope lights that plug into an outlet or battery-operated single lights.
  • Clear the counters. This is imperative for sellers. Change out the dish drying rack for a smaller dish drain that fits over one side of the sink.
  • Create kitchen zones. For example, set aside space for a “breakfast zone” where the coffeemaker and toaster sits along with a fresh fruit basket and napkins.
  • Rethink cabinets. If your clients are considering an update, cabinets that reach the ceiling are an ideal use of space. But if that’s out of the question, clear off the dusty tops and declutter the space so there’s visible storage. Place an indoor, shade-friendly plan to add some life to the space.
  • Choose one appliance to update. Consider the kitchen space itself and what would have the most impact. If the kitchen opens into a family room, a quieter new dishwasher could be a game changer for some buyers.

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