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6 Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale | RealtyBizNews

Here is how:

  1. Un-personalize the house

This is what other people call disassociating yourself with the house. To do this, you will need to learn how to let go. This is because un-personalizing your home means removing pictures and other items of sentimental value to your home. Packing away your family heirlooms and will be difficult but essential.

If there are built-in items you want to take with you, remove or replace them.

  1. De-cluttering

Every home has loads of junk. For example if you are a tutor, you will have to get rid of the notes you no longer need. Consider this, if you haven’t used it in the past year, you don’t need it; so, you can donate it or even throw them away.

Pack away your knick-knacks, remove books from the bookcases, pack essentials in a small box and clean out everything from the kitchen counters.

  1. Reorganize storage cabinets and bedroom closets

Buyers will snoop in your house, and you want everything to appeal to them. The organization of the storage cabinet and the bedroom closets say a lot about your neatness and the care your home received.

For spice jars, arrange it in alphabetical order and stack dishes away neatly. The cups’ handles should all face the same direction, shoes lined and shirts hanged together.

  1. Rent a Temporary Storage

You probably have loads of extra and unnecessary furniture. Since you want your home to sell fast, you’ll have to keep it as neat as possible. Spaces look better with less furniture so, you should stow away the extra furniture in storage. You can put away the bookcases too leaving the house with just what you need. Less furniture also makes the purpose of the room clear.

You should also keep away some clothes – all homes have extra clothes that aren’t worn, and they will only make your closet look disorganized.

  1. Light up the house

Lighting is one of the biggest selling points for homes. So, you should let in more light by pulling down the drapes, changing the lampshades and clean the windows. You can also increase the wattage of your bulbs. If there are bushes outside the house, cut or prune them to let in more light. A sellable house is a cheery house.

  1. Conceal all critters

Though dogs and cats are adorable, they aren’t a favorite to everyone. That means that not everyone will appreciate the wagging tails, smelling litter boxes or bowls of dog food. In most cases, these make your home appear dirty, and it won’t sell. So, you should send critters to the pet hotel for a day.

Final Thoughts

You’ll need to be ready to show the house and the how should be show-ready as long as it is on the market. Stripping the home-feel from the house is critical. Finally, first impressions, especially in the kitchen matters.


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