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Easy Ways to Enhance the Home’s Entryway | Realtor Magazine

The entrance to the home is where buyers often form some of their first impressions of the interior of the home.

However, too often, “the entryway gets neglected because it isn’t necessary in the same way that a living room sofa is,” Larina Kase, an interior designer and home stager in the Philadelphia area, told®. “But it’s actually one of the simplest and least expensive areas to decorate to get the biggest impact.”

That said, many entryways suffer from overcrowded coat racks and oversized furniture that is making the area feel less appealing and less spacious, designers say.

Here are a few simple things you can try to spice up the home’s entryway:

Add a mirror: “Every entryway needs a spectacular mirror, especially in small spaces,” says Jack Menashe of Menashe Design in New York. “It makes them optically larger and adds depth. Plus, who doesn’t want to check themselves out before they leave the house?”

Light it up: Add a small lamp on a table for a welcoming glow.

Fresh flowers: Try an orchid, potted plant, or vase of cut blooms to add a touch of nature and color.

A bench: If there’s space in the entryway, have a place to sit down and that ideally has some storage underneath it too. Add a colorful pillow to brighten up the space too.


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