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5 Features That Make a Home Great for Entertaining – Zillow Porchlight

You love hosting friends and family, but is your home designed for it?

The holidays are right around the corner, which means the next couple of months are prime time for celebrating with family and friends.

No matter the size of your home, introducing just a few easy elements can transform it into an entertaining haven.

From warm mood lighting to intimate seating, making your home comfortable and inviting will create a memorable experience for guests and loved ones.

Here are five key features that make a home ideal for entertaining.

An inviting entryway

The entryway is the first impression your guests have of your home, so make it inviting and functional.


No need to be over-the-top. Keep it simple with a lovely bench or a pair of seats, and have a coat rack readily available for guests so they can comfortably compose themselves and move on to the celebrations. If additional seating isn’t practical (especially in tight spaces), tidy up the nearest closet for easy in-and-out access.

Multiple seating areas

Entertaining is all about creating a comfortable space for guests to mingle and converse. The best entertainment environments maximize seating, creating large group and intimate seating arrangements for all types of conversations.

A living room with a grouping of couches and comfortable chairs is a perfect fit. Not only can it accommodate the whole family on a holiday morning, it’s also ideal for intimate groups of friends to mingle.

Mood lighting

Poor lighting, whether it’s too bright or too dark, can instantly kill the mood. Proper mood lighting is about making your guests feel comfortable while still being able to see each other.

Don’t stick to just one type of lighting. Layer various types of lighting, like sconces and table lamps, for adaptable levels of light. Increase the coziness factor with assorted candles and a roaring fire for those late night holiday soirées.

Versatile dining areas

What is a holiday celebration without a versatile dining area? Maximize your dining space for year-round entertaining versatility by introducing neutral and comfortable furnishings, extendable tables, and interchangeable decor.

Neutral furnishings work well with all types of decorations, while extendable tables accomodate parties of all sizes. Make sure to keep it comfortable — hours around the table will roll by.

A powder room

Although they tend to slide into the “want” section over “need” when space is limited, powder rooms add a whole dimension of ease to entertaining by providing a designated bathroom specifically for visiting guests. (Plus, no more wandering eyes in the master bathroom medicine cabinet.)

Allocate a bathroom near the major living spaces for easy access and quick directions.

Powder rooms not only provide guests their own comfortable space, they’re wonderful opportunities to play around with decor. Making bold choices in wall color or artwork here creates an instant conversation starter.

What elements have you introduced to your home that have made great entertaining additions?


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