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Tips for sellers while home is on the market

Here are some tips every home seller should know while your home is on the market:

Leave for showings

Always leave when there is a showing of your home. When looking at a home, buyers don’t feel comfortable when the owner is home and watching their every move. It makes it awkward at times and the buyer will have a harder time picturing themselves and their family there for years to come.

Lay out important documents

Buyers have many questions when purchasing a home. It can be helpful to leave important documentation for them to look at. These items may be a home inspection, a recent appraisal, monthly bills such as PG&E, garbage, water, etc. Also, any proof of major repairs or remodels done.

Take your pets

While you love your pet and I am sure the buyers will, too, it’s a good idea to take the dog with you. The potential buyer could have an allergy and most don’t want to have to worry about a run-in with an animal they don’t know. This could be a real liability issue as well. Dogs can be territorial, so it’s better for all to take the dog for a car ride or a walk while someone views your home.


Keep things tidy

This is the time you want to make sure the home stays clean and tidy. It doesn’t need to show like a model home, but keeping clutter to a minimum and the home smelling fresh will go a long way with buyers.

Don’t be greedy

There’s no doubt we’ve been in a seller’s market for some time, however unwillingness to negotiate a possible sale could lead in a bad direction. Focusing on that bottom line is always important but too much greed can lead to disaster and land you with a home sitting on the market for much longer than you anticipated.

Listen to the professionals

If your Realtor has some suggestions for improvements that may help sell the home faster, take them to heart but don’t take them personally. Keep emotions out and listen to what your Realtor has to offer. Also, oftentimes your Realtor will follow up with showings for any type of feedback. As they get it, they will share with you. This is meant to help you in your selling process and make for a successful close of escrow – the end result and goal for all parties involved.


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