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Do Ultra-Clean Homes Appraise Higher? | Realtor Magazine

Some home owners are beginning to see value in spick-and-span listings. But are appraisers on board? 

Jennifer Chateauvert of San Jose, Calif., insists that two weeks of deep cleaning is what helped her home appraise higher than she’d predicted. However, appraisers say—while they appreciate clean properties—this work won’t result in higher valuations.

“Appraisers are normal people. When they see something that looks nice and looks clean and presents well, they’ll have a better impression of the property. But that won’t affect the appraisal value,” Donald Boucher, president of the appraisal firm Boucher & Boucher in Washington, D.C., tells®.

Still, some real estate professionals say they believe cleanliness has made an impact on some of their listings.

“Having your house clean does make a difference, even though in theory it should not,” says Mark Ferguson, a real estate professional and property investor in Greeley, Colo. “Appraisers are people, and they are swayed by smells and how a house feels, even if they aren’t conscious of it.”

Real estate professionals offer some of the following tips to prepare for an appraisal:

  • Make a list of all the upgrades and features in the home to provide to the appraiser.
  • Whether you hire cleaners or do-it-yourself, making sure to scrub walls clean and touch up paint will make the home sparkle.
  • Print out a list of comparable homes in the neighborhood to provide to the appraiser. Boucher notes that sometimes when users search the MLS, not all comps appear, so this step can be helpful for appraisers.
  • Refreshments can be a welcome courtesy. Boucher notes that honest appraisers aren’t actually swayed by extras, but see it as “just a nice gesture.”

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