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Newlyweds: 5 Tips for Finding your First Home

Buying your first home can be an exciting, but sometimes intimidating – experience. However, there are few tips you can use to make it easier to find the perfect first home.


Determine your must haves

Talk with your new spouse about what each feels they need in a new home. Don’t forget things you may want like an easy-to-maintain yard, space for your California king sized bed, or a home that is good for entertaining. Don’t confuse what you must have with what you’d like to have. Prioritize. Be specific but realistic. Don’t expect to get everything on your list.

Get Pre-qualified

Finding the right home can be everything from time-wasting to heart-breaking if you skip prequalification. Do not try to shop for a new home without this. Prequalification is a legitimate assessment from a bank, mortgage company or other lender. This is not a guesstimate from you.

Find the right agent or the right agent team

Give your agent or team member a list of your home requirements. Then they can make your search much easier. Once you find an agent/team that is right for you, stay with them. Listen to your agent! Some real estate agents may not have the experience to understand and meet your real estate needs. But realtors like ReMax Alliance – the Diane Stow Team have that experience.

Be prepared to, and willing to, act on an offer

When you find that first house you think you love, act on it. In real estate, there is no time like the present. There is nothing worse than seeing the home you envisioned as your dream home go to another buyer. Be patient. When the contract starts going back and forth, just be patient. Your agent is trained and ready to handle all the aspects of it for you. However, it sometimes takes time to negotiate.

Be realistic

The owner of the home you are buying is selling a home they loved. Be realistic about what could happen. Your agent will be your guide. An agent is there to help you manage every step, from your first meeting to the moment the ink dries on your contract and sometimes beyond.

Your realtor is not only an astute business person. They can be a friend – not just in your first home purchase –but also all of your home sales and purchases in the future!


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