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4 Staging Tips to Up Your Listing’s Appeal | Realtor Magazine

The house has been cleaned from corner to corner, but now it may just need a few more finishing touches. Here are a few less-obvious, inexpensive ideas for staging your listing:

1. Repaint the walls. Of course painting isn’t anything new when it comes to staging, but focusing on repainting to match the wall and drapery colors can give the illusion of more space, especially if you repaint in a neutral hue. This gives the space an unbroken appearance an can make the décor look more smooth.

2. Reimagine awkward spaces. An empty spot under the stairs? Stage it with a table to show a small nook for organization. Take advantage of odd, small nooks in the home and turn them into reading corners, a small office space, or use built-in shelves to offer up more organization.

3. Swap out the bathroom towels. Buy luxe, fluffy towels in white. It’ll help give the restrooms more of a spa treatment.

4. Use mirrors strategically. In a cramped space, hang a mirror so that it reflects the light and gives the feeling of a more spacious area. In a dark room, hang a mirror to lighten up a space too.


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