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Ten Tips to Help Make Your Home Safer

1. Hang a bell on the door

The last thing an intruder wants is to be noticed. Hang a bell on the front door and anytime that door moves, the bell will ring, drawing attention. It might be a small thing but any attention grabbing item is a good thing to use to ward off a potential intruder.

2. Shield the windows near doors

It is often advised not to have windows in a door or right next to a door as that makes for easy access to a home. But if you move into a home that already has a window installed or a door with a window there are steps you can take to safeguard your property while avoiding major work. Simply install a protective barrier of quarter-inch Plexiglas over the existing glass. If you attach it properly it can prevent any burglars from breaking the window.

3. Don’t advertise new purchases

It’s great to get a new T.V. or computer but the last thing you want to do is draw attention to your purchases. Avoid throwing your boxes into the trash. Your trash cans are something a would be thief will pay attention to, looking for clues or information that might lead to a big score. Instead take time to dispose of your boxes at a disposal station or recycling center.

4. Set timers indoors

Use timers on lamps and radios or televisions. If you hook up a lamp to a timer, set it to switch on about 30 to 45 minutes before dark to make it look like someone is home. Putting on a TV or radio during different times in the day and in the evening can give the impression that someone is home. Depending on the type of timer you install you can have options of how often you have lights or noise turn on and off in your home. More sophisticated models even have multiple program options.

5. Call on the police – Free Home Inspections

This might seem a little odd but it can be an effective and simple way to help boost your home security. Many municipal police departments offer free home inspections in which an officer walks through your home and gives recommendations to increase your home safety.

6. Stage a robbery

Yup, we said it. Host your own robbery. Have a friend or neighbor (one you trust of course) wander through your house for three minutes. Their goal is to find as many small valuables and possible and remove them from your home. This is a good way to learn what valuables you might not even realize you’ve left lying around. We so often leave our precious belongings out without ever noticing. Once you’ve identified potential losses, take action to hide those items from real burglars. Purchases a safe that bolts to the floor or renting an off-premises safe-deposit box.

7. Secure air conditioning units

Having cool air is great but not if it comes at the price of a break-in. If you install a window unit air conditioner in your home be sure to use an air conditioner bracket, sliding window locks, or corner braces to secure that potential entry from easy access.

8. Eliminate hiding spots

Yes, I know I said this is something that is common but it really is worth repeating. Trim your plants. Make sure shrubbery isn’t too tall or bushy that will provide good hiding space for burgers. Trim your plants to keep them well-maintained but also to keep your home safe.

9. Plant thorny bushes

Planting thorny bushes are not only pretty but they can be quite the deterrent. Not only would they make things uncomfortable for a potential thief, they can also collect DNA from blood and skin. Plus torn clothes can leave evidence from the burglar.

There are many ways to protect your home from burglary. Some are common methods that are well-known and others might be a little unusual to the traditional methods. Bottom line though, make sure you are taking action to make your home a less appealing to someone who might want to take your possessions.


10. Install Monitor Security Alarms Systems

Like we said in Tip #1, intruders do not like noise. An alarm provides just that – a lot of noise. Even more effective is a “monitored” security system. These types of systems can verify very quickly whether or not your alarm is a false alarm or a verified intruder. If the alarm is verified, the response of the police if typically much quicker.


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