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3 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid | Realtor Magazine

Home renovations can be costly. Add a mistake to it, and the costs can skyrocket even more.

Emerick Architects has taken on dozens of commercial and residential renovation projects over the last 16 years, and their architects recently shared some of the most common renovation mistakes in an interview with

1. Succumbing to “fashion architecture”: The architects point to home owners who try to be too trendy with their renovations. “People try to treat architecture like fashion,” Melody Emerick told “And architecture takes a long time to build, uses a lot of resources, and needs to last a while.” Trends can quickly fade. Instead, she says it’s important to stay true to the character of the house and be careful when updating the home’s structure. “You can change out a countertop or tile, but it’s a lot harder to re-do windows and doors,” she says. “Make these the highest quality that you can and it will be money well spent.”

2. Ignoring proportions: Too often, home owners just focus on the results but fail to consider the process enough. “People will just want to add on and say, ‘I want a family room that’s 12 by 18 feet,’ rather than seeing if that fit is right for the character of the house and how it flows,” says Emerick. She recommends keeping a close eye on proportions, such as the size of windows and doors as well as ceiling height, to make sure the renovation fits the home.

3. Rushing the renovation: Renovations take time and shouldn’t be rushed, she says. “It takes longer than you think,” says Emerick. “And that’s because it usually takes home owners a while to process the changes.” Talk to experts early on to understand the deadlines involved. Add 10 percent more time to a project than originally anticipated, she suggests.


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