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4 simple tricks to increase the value of your home –

And yes, you can make it happen in your own home! Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be adding value in no time.

1. Paint it

It might seem simple, but a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color on the interior is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s showing appeal. Buyers can better see your home’s potential with a “fresh canvas,” resulting in a 112 percent return on investment. Alana and Lex suggest

  • Pick the right color for big payoff.
  • Stick with soft muted colors like beige or gray.
  • Wood paneling can easily go from dark and retro to bright and chic with a coat of fresh paint.

2. Stage it

Staging rooms show off a space’s true potential and are essential when selling your home.

  • Make sure that each room has one “purpose.” Potential buyers will be confused by extra rooms that have a mishmash of uses.
  • Remove at least half of the furnishings in each room. The house will look much bigger for it.
  • Pull your furniture away from the walls, and instead use pairs of sofas and chairs to create inviting conversation areas.

3. Declutter it

Yup, home buyers will look into your closets! Don’t forget to declutter those hidden spaces, too.

  • Spacious closets are the most desirable, of course. But if yours aren’t huge, just make sure there’s not a lot of stuff in them. It’ll maximize the space enormously.
  • Consider buying closet organizers to increase the vertical use of your walls.
  • Cluttered closets are a red flag to buyers. They will think the rest of the house is too small and lacking storage space. Clean it up!
  • 4. Last but not least, take a look at the flooring.

  • Believe it or not, 94 percent of real-estate pros recommend spending money on floors. It’s important to replace outdated flooring or carpet for a whopping 102 percent return on investment

  • Laminate flooring comes with glueless, instant-click installation system, making it simple and fast to install. Try it!
  • Put thought into measuring, leveling and adjusting, especially if you live in an older home.
  • Stick to what’s “trending” in the home industry now. Check Pinterest, magazines, and other sources before you make your final decision. After all, you want to be up on the latest colors and styles, even if they’re not your style. This is about selling your home, not continuing to live in it!

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