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Pros and Cons of 6 Common Roof Types | Realtor Magazine

Are you familiar with the most common roof types? Century 21’s blog recently reviewed the pros and cons of these popular options:


1. Asphalt shingle—The most common roofing material

  • Pros: Available in a wide assortment of colors; affordable; simple to install
  • Cons: Shorter life spans; often have lower levels of insulation compared to other roof types

2. Wood shake

  • Pros: Natural, rustic look
  • Cons: Flammable; more prone to mold or rot; limited life span (similar to asphalt shingles)

3. Metal—Various types available (aluminum, steel, copper, and copper-asphalt are the most popular)

  • Pros: Strong and durable; high solar reflectance for efficient home cooling/heating
  • Cons: Often the most expensive choice

4. Ceramic and cement tile

  • Pros: Durable; energy efficient
  • Cons: Expensive; heavy (may require extra framing for support)

5. Slate roofing

  • Pros: Extremely durable; sustainable; many variations in thickness/color
  • Cons: Expensive; heavy (may require extra framing for support)

6. Synthetic roofing

  • Pros: Durable; affordable
  • Cons: May absorb moisture

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