Deciding to Sell Your Home? | 2016 Seller’s Checklist


​Deciding to Sell Your Home; 2016 Seller’s Checklist – Madison NJ News – TAPinto

Deciding to sell your home is a crucial decision and the selling process can be overwhelming. You need an agent who is going to help you sell your home quickly, easily and profitably.

Start planning early.

Weed out your current possessions. Throw out, give away, or sell the things that you don’t want to move at a yard sale. 

Start packing early.

Anything that you are sure you will not be using before moving day should get boxed. 

Get your children on board, have older children sort thru their “treasures”.

Identify your home’s flaws or problems. Sellers are obligated to disclose any major problems or flaws in the structure or property, including things like dry rot, termites, asbestos, or a mold issue.  There is really no upside to trying to hide problems anyway since most buyers will have the home inspected before closing. Two major concerns to buyers today are fireplaces and mold. Have your fireplace cleaned and serviced by a professional prior to listing. Check your attic and cellar for mold by smell and sight. Have remediated by a professional prior to Listing. 

Get the house in “showcase” condition.

Small cosmetic touches can increase your home’s value by thousands. (See Improvement suggestions below.) 

Decide what goes and what stays.Before you list your home, you need to decide what will be included in the sale. If you want to take your washer and dryer with you, tell serious buyers before negotiations start. List your exclusions and tell your realtor. If your dining room chandelier is an exclusion and heirloom,  it is better to replace now .

The following is a list of suggested exterior improvements;

• Painting: Touch up your house’s exterior paint before you put it on the market. Paint and/or clean the front door. New Hardware is an inexpensive change that sets the tone of a cared for home.

• Lawn: Keep your lawn freshly mowed and neatly trimmed. Clear debris from the lawn and the border of your home. 

• Sidewalks: Sweep your sidewalks daily. 

• Shrubbery: Remove or replace any dead or dying trees, hedges, or shrubs; prune anything that looks unsightly or overgrown. 

• Flowers: Filling flower beds with seasonal flowers is an inexpensive way to add color and charm to your property. Mulch your gardens.

• Repairs: Be sure that all gutters and downspouts are in place and clean. Replace missing roof shingles and broken or cracked windows.

The following is a list of suggested interior improvements;

• Clean, scrub, and polish: Keep your stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances spotlessly clean inside and out. 

• Clean all carpeting. Polish wood floors and vinyl flooring. Clean walls, doors, and woodwork. 

• Eliminate odors: Buyers will notice strong smells as soon as they walk through your front door. Eliminate smoke, mildew, and pet odors. 

• Fix drippy faucets and running toilets: If any of your sinks or bathtubs drain slowly, unclog them. 

• Get rid of clutter: Keep clutter off of kitchen counters and dirty dishes out of the sink. Straighten all closets. 

• Make cosmetic improvements: Painting is not’t expensive if you do it yourself, but be careful when selecting interior colors. Avoid cherry red, canary yellow, emerald green, and other bold colors with strong visual impact. Make sure hinges and knobs are tightened and doors close properly.  

• Replace all carpeting that is stained, matted or generally appears worn .

• Replace all appliances not in working order. 

The following is a list of suggested staging tips; 

• Kitchen: Aromas from fragrant goodies like freshly baked gingerbread or just-brewed coffee bring back wonderful memories of home. 

• Bathrooms: Always have fresh towels in bathrooms. Buy new shower curtains; old ones are usually spotted with mildew. Put new soap in the soap dishes. 

• Clear everything off your refrigerator: Most folks use magnets or tape to stick everything from vacation snapshots and finger-painting masterpieces. 

• Comfort: Keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A house that’s too hot or too cold is not’t inviting.

• Lemons or Apples in a bowl depending on season replaces interior fresh flowers which are difficult to keep ”fresh”.

• Seasonal potted flowers on front and rear porches is a wonderful touch.

Hire a Realtor early in the process. Together we can make an overwhelming task, light work!


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