Selling this winter? Make your home inviting


Selling this winter? Make your home inviting

When the days are dark and cold, not much sounds better than retreating indoors to a warm, comfy home. Home shoppers during the winter season are looking for warm retreats, too. If your home is on the market this winter, here are a few tips to make it inviting to potential buyers.

Daylight hours are fewer in the winter, so make the most of those hours by ensuring your windows are clean. Clear window panes allow the maximum amount of natural light to shine through, making rooms more cheerful and appealing.

Cleaning your light fixtures and dusting light bulbs are quick tasks that give an instant boost to lighting your home as well, and can brighten a room by up to 30 percent without the need for additional lights. Leave a few interior lights on in addition to front porch lights in case showings are scheduled after the sun goes down. Homes are especially beautiful in the evenings when properly illuminated and your potential buyer will appreciate it.

In the cooler winter months, make sure the thermostat is set a little higher to take the chill out of the air in the house. Also, place throws on sofas and quilts or blankets at the foot of beds to create a cozy and comfortable feel.

Despite the age of your home, it’s easy for a draft to occur. Broken seals around doors and windows could be letting in the chill you’re trying to get rid of. Sealing pesky air leaks not only keep rooms warm, it also keeps your heating bill lower.

If you’re game for a weekend DIY project, consider changing the paint color in your most lived-in rooms. Reds, oranges and yellows are touted for bringing a warmer feel to a room and are good options for rooms that don’t receive much light.

A healthy home also makes for a cozy home. Change your air filters regularly to help trap airborne allergens. Most filters state their advantages and replacement schedule on the packaging. Changing your HVAC filter every month also helps to keep from circulating dust.

You can turn your home into a comfortable and cozy retreat this winter. Light some scented candles or use your slow cooker to fill your home with a pleasant aroma. A soothing scent combined with the tips here will allow you and any potential buyers to experience the full warmth your home has to offer.


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