Buying from a Builder? Here is your New Home Due Diligence and Vigilance


New-Home Due Diligence and Vigilance | Realtor Magazine

Ask for a sample of the builder’s contract. Most have their own, distinct from other companies’.

Ask for clarification of home warranty coverage. Warranties are often issued by a third party.

Obtain a list of costs. What is standard versus an upgrade, and how much do upgrades cost? And remember that most builders pay commission on the contract price, not the final purchase price with the upgrades included.

Inspect for defects. New homes are not flawless. Request an inspection from a separate company.

Check out the neighbors. Review county records to learn what’s being built on adjacent land.

Consider HOA fees. What happens if the builder underestimates HOA fees and costs skyrocket after development is completed? Visit a builder’s previously completed developments and gauge home owners’ satisfaction with fees.

Learn about nearby closings. Review public records to see if the developer may be prone to dumping unsold properties at auction, meaning that recently sold homes’ values may drop.


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