Five Reasons To Work With a Realtor and You Can’t Ignore The Fourth


Five Reasons To Work With a Realtor and You Can’t Ignore The Fourth | HULIQ

Many home buyers and sellers are wary of working with a real estate agent to buy or sell a property. However it is important to note that a transaction of sale involves many details and requires the participation of several specialists (Realtors, mortgage loan providers, home inspectors) from various areas, especially if the buyer is a foreigner or if the purchase is made through a mortgage financing.

Here are five reasons to visit a real estate agent for your when buying or selling a house.

The first is that the Realtor is a licensed professional. This means, for peace of mind, that the course of the real estate agent’s work should be done within the legal framework governing the profession’s department. Otherwise the Realtor puts his or her license at risk.

Second: The Realtor is a facilitator who is able to deal with all parts of the required process and ensure that the times of the contract documentation are met. Also, the Realtor is not interested that you buy a specific property, but rather the one that best suits your needs and makes you happier, or represents a good investment opportunity.

Third, is that the Real estate agent is a negotiator who knows the business environment and is working for the client’s benefit to obtain and negotiate qualitative and quantitative benefits within the transaction. Your Realtor’s interest is to achieve his or her customer’s satisfaction through a successful transaction that meets your expectations.

Fourth: The Realtor is a promoter. When selling your home, in addition to announcing the house for sale, your Realtor develops and entire marketing plan through other ways and colleagues ensuring you get the best fair price for your home. Your Realtor interviews and filters potential buyers and coordinate visits of only those stakeholders that are pre-qualified to purchase (How Buyers That Aren’t Pre-approved for a Mortgage Loan Are Hurting Themselves). This avoids the visits by curious people who don’t have the ability to purchase your home, saving you time.

If You Are a Home Buyer

Fifth, is that the good Realtor is a diligent representative. When they help you to buy a house, they can search for properties that meet your future needs at a price you are able to pay. They arrange appointments, and will keep you informed of new properties that go out to market with similar characteristics. And best of all, the commission is paid by the seller because the seller is more interested in selling the property.


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