Six Things Determine How Fast A Home WIll Sell


6 Things That Determine How Fast A Home Will Sell : Home : Realty Today

You are selling your home and you would like to know how soon you will make the sale especially that you have already moved into your new home.


You can go for a psychic reading or you can look at these 6 things that determine how fast a home will sell according to Trulia:

The price

Your pricing could directly affect the amount of time your property sits in the market. Of course you can price it at or below market value and people searching for a lower price will most likely flock on your listing. But if time is not a factor, then you can choose to price higher.

“The best time to get noticed is the first few days your property hits the market,” says Mor Zucker, a Denver real estate agent.

Your willingness to negotiate

If you are dead set on your full asking price, then expect your listing to stay on the market for a longer period of time. Aside from pricing too high, “a reluctance to negotiate is the second reason homes stay on the market a long time,” says Trip duPerier, owner of Texas Landman LLC. “A solid offer is nothing to scoff at,” he adds.

The photos

Good listing photos are sure to entice more potential buyers. So apart from addressing repairs and home staging, you also want make sure that you hire a professional photographer. “Having good photos of your home can definitely shorten the amount of time your property sits on the market,” says Zucker. 

A good agent

One of the keys to a successful home sale is hiring the right real estate agent, and that means someone who has worked and sold homes in the area.  “The right real estate agent can make a huge difference in how long it takes to sell a home,” says Pamela Colombana, a California real estate agent. The right agent has the experience to properly prep your home and knows exactly how to market a property in your location.

Your sales strategy

It is important to be honest on your sales strategy. Establish the amount of time you find considerable for your property to stay on the market and let your real estate agent know. This way, the agent can do the necessary steps to sell your property according to your need and at the best price.


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