Things You Should be Doing to Sell Your Home


Things you should be doing to sell home – Entertainment & Life – – Middletown, NY

Keep these overlooked items in mind when selling your home.

Curb appeal

“Curb appeal is super important!,” says Janis Borgueta of Key Properties. “It starts with the buyers falling in love with the home before they even walk into the front door. If you can’t get them inside, then no sale happens. How does a home welcome a buyer? Clean up the yard is the first step. Paint if you have to, or power wash vinyl siding. Get rid of the weeds, and trim the trees and the bushes. Simple things like a clean welcome mat and a doorbell that works can say … ‘I’m home.’”

Welcome mat

I have seen some doozies in my 10 year of doing staging consults. Some are so faded and rotted; the mats look like you are about to enter a haunted house. Invest in a new, welcoming welcome mat.

Front door entry

The proper way to show a home is via the front door. Not the back, side or garage door. It is OK, although bad feng shui, if that is how you enter your home regularly. Potential buyers should get the best first impression upon entering a home on the market. This means not walking past the trash and recycling in the garage or back of the house.

Seasonal photos

Homes sell all-year-round, but if your house goes on the market in the winter and the exterior shots feature a snowy winter scene, remember to have the listing photos updated in the spring.

Make sure your holiday decorations do not time stamp the listing photos. This goes for interior as well as exterior. Avoid Christmas trees, Halloween decorations and other seasonal goodies in the photos.

Power washing and window cleaning

A big impact is power washing and window cleaning. This applies to outdoor furniture as well. I hired Estate Window Cleaning of Warwick for my outdoor set, which I thought needed replacement. Came out looking sparkling new. Think of it as a facial for your home.

Showings matter

“Getting rid of that ‘lived in’ look, says Linda Nilon. “Mornings are hectic, but always plan daily for a showing. Make beds, dishes away, garbage picked up, etc. Many people don’t pay attention to those things when they are selling. Yes, you still live there, but buyers want cleanliness and organization.”

Q-tip clean

Deep cleaning is important too. Less is more especially when it comes to dust and dirt.

Refreshing the listing

When changes are made to the home after it is on the market, whether cosmetic or staging, the listing should be relisted as new (more on this next month).


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